"Our Most Important Tour to Date." 

If you’ve been on a tour with Timothy’s Gift, you already know the impact that's felt when we call an inmate by name, sing them Happy Birthday, invite them to sing along, and give them the gifts of music, friendship and communion.  And this experience is never more needed than at Christmas.

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We call our events “concerts,” but looking deeper, they are experiences of an inmate's own worth, humanity, and their belovedness of God.   This focus, as much as any official program we've seen to date, has transformed prison cultures, lowered recidivism, and helped thousands of inmates improve their odds of a safe, empathetic, and productive life upon their release.  


Our philosophy is that every crisis – emotional, spiritual or societal – is a crisis of identity.  And through our programs, we aim to help restore broken identities and stop the corrosive effects of cynicism through compassion, encouragement, and yes, plenty of MUSIC!  Indeed, embedded in each show is a simple three-part message:

You are loved.

You have great worth.

You are not forgotten.


Every Timothy's Gift Christmas tour reaches approximately 3,000 inmates and staff, and this year, we did it again!   THANK YOU to all of our supporters; it truly was our "most important tour ever!"


Watch here for the gallery of images COMING SOON.

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Clips from our 2020 virtual Christmas show...

"It was fun and it was blessed, but we longed to be with them in person."