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Special Projects

Cooper & Boone

Cooper & Boone is the story of a remarkable friendship in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances.  In the end, it reminds us how love shows up in the strangest of places to help us break down the walls of our hearts to unveil the miracle that lies beyond.  


The story, written by Steven Marten (a Timothy's Gift alum whose resumé includes companies like Dreamworks and Make-A-Wish Foundation), and illustrated by Sonja Wimmer (an international award-winner), is being printed as a 36-page hardcover book.


Every sale of Cooper & Boone helps finance our mission of Hope, Love, and Worth, so please consider purchasing a copy for yourself or a child in your life.  


Chainbreaker: The Podcast

Chainbreaker cover art6.jpg

Talk to any professional, and they'll tell you the vast majority of inmates experienced trauma in their early lives.  From the stress of being raised in a violent home, to sexual grooming and rape, the needs of their hearts are wide and deep.  Even so, most of these men and women will slip through the prison system without getting personal and attentive care -- meaning they will struggle to recover a sense of worth for themselves and others, and the generational chains of emotional and spiritual poverty will remain unbroken upon their release.


To be fair, prisons are overcrowded and under-budgeted, forcing them to focus only on the most obvious needs, such as drug addiction or threats of self-harm.  But far too little is being done to open up and heal the hearts of those whose pain remains deep and undiscovered.


Chainbreaker is designed to help fulfill the concept of “rehabilitation” by circumventing the budgeting crisis and delivering a simple way for inmates to experience counseling… all in a low-threat, easy to access podcast, available to inmates via tablets and computers through an approved supplier.


The podcast itself will feature elements of the 1990’s cultural phenomenon “Adam and Drew” (who brought reluctant teenagers into a self-help discussion through casual, funny, and poignant phone-in dialogues), and an actual counseling session that inmates can listen in on, like a fly on the wall.)


With this fly-on-the-wall angle, Chainbreaker gets past two sets of wallsthose of the prison itself, and those of the wounded heart, who has been trained not to show weakness – and may be quietly despairing for help.


We’re currently working with David Lawson, a former inmate and pastor, and several licensed counselors in the Nashville area, to craft the shows and find willing participants willing to work through their own pain for the healing benefit of others.


So far, interest has been extraordinary, but we need FUNDS for additional research, securing counselors and creating the episodes!  Please reach out if this project interests you.

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