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Who We Are

Timothy’s Gift is described by our founder as “an eclectic group of ragamuffins” with the mission of sharing a message of hope, love and worth to prison residents and staff.


As a community of people who are practicing the ways of Jesus, it is our desire to live out  Micah 6:8, “And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

The roots of Timothy’s Gift are not found in a specific church or denomination and we find beauty in our variety as we join together in our purpose to share these four truths: you are loved, you have great worth, God is with you, you are not forgotten.

Our Message

Our message is simple and consistent wherever we go.

You are loved.

You have great worth.

God is with you.

You are not forgotten.

Our Story

The first inklings of Timothy’s Gift began in 1998, when Nashville businessman, Ron Miller, was unable to pull away from an NBC Dateline segment. 


On screen was Timothy Kane, a 14 year-old boy who had just been tried as an adult and given a life sentence, despite the courts agreeing the boy had never touched a victim.

The boy’s spirit of humility and hope in the face of his circumstances, took ahold of Ron, and their lives became forever intertwined.


Although Ron had never visited a prison and knew nothing about prison culture, his experience as a teacher helped him gain placement on Tim’s phone and visitation list, enabling him to travel to Florida dozens of times to encourage, mentor, and share stories with Tim.

Soon, along with partner and musician, John Starnes, Ron was meeting other inmates on longer trips... and the men could see the difference that their care and interest was making.  To set aside conventional labels and see the inmates how God sees them seemed to help inmates gain a sense of peace, purpose, and empathy toward others -- something Ron thought would also help them succeed and remain free upon release to their families and communities.


His theory of reduced recidivism was confirmed through several meetings with DOC officials in Florida, and in 2009, Ron began a larger outreach with fellow friends, speakers and musicians -- sometimes as many as 25 at a time!   Timothy's Gift was granted non-profit status in 2012, and the journey was just beginning!


Timothy's Gift is “one of the most innovative and effective programs for prisoner care available anywhere,” according to one DOC official.  And now, over 35,000 inmates, 150 prisons, and 5 states later, the love continues to grow!

Hear Ron & Tim tell their story.

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