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2022  A Time of Growth and Renewal

You are loved.

You have great worth.

You are not alone.

You are not forgotten.

Last year, we produced what many inmates and families have called the "most impactful tour in our history."   With depression and suicides running at all-time highs,  we sang, we shared, and we met the weary and ashamed right where they were.  For many, it was their first glimmer of hope behind bars.   In sum, we reached over 2,000 inmates in 10 prisons, in person, with our life-affirming message of:


This year, we're working hard to grow our sponsors and partnerships so we can improve our serve.   Our goal is to create connection, encourage empathy, increase acceptance, and improve every inmate's sense of possibility for their lives, not just in the southeast, but nationwide, strengthening families and reducing recidivism.  


Please join us in this vision!


Special Projects

A children's book of hope, worth (and puppies!) now available in our store

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Cooper & Boone

When your days are spent at an animal shelter, looking at the world through steel bars,
 it’s easy to think you’re not worth very much -- especially when every other dog seems to be going home to loving families.  But when Cooper finds himself in the care of a giant, freckle-faced inmate named Boone, he comes to realize it’s not the so-called good dogs who find family... it’s the ones brave enough to love.

Cooper & Boone (Trailer)

Cooper & Boone (Trailer)

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