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“Our most important tour...”

Prisons across the Southeast will be returning to LIVE CONCERTS by year’s end — which means Timothy’s Gift will be permitted to take our Christmas message of Emmanuel, God With Us back on the road to touch the lives of our inmate brothers and sisters -- and the need has never been greater.

With depression, despair, and suicides hitting all-time highs throughout the system in 2020, we're hearing from inmates and staff that this may be our most important tour to date.

Special Projects

New for 2021

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Cooper & Boone

When your life is spent looking at the world through steel bars at an animal shelter,
 it’s easy to think you’re not worth very much -- especially when every other dog seems to be going home to loving families.  But when Cooper finds himself in the care of a giant, freckle-faced inmate named Boone, he comes to realize it’s not the so-called good dogs who find family... it’s the ones brave enough to love.

Chainbreaker: A Prison Podcast

Talk to any professional, and they'll tell you the vast majority of inmates experienced trauma in their early lives.  From the stress of being raised in a violent home, to sexual grooming and rape, the needs of their hearts are wide and deep.  Even so, most of these men and women will slip through the prison system without getting personal and attentive care -- meaning they will struggle to recover a sense of worth for themselves and others, and the generational chains of emotional and spiritual poverty will remain unbroken upon their release.

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Our Story

The first inklings of Timothy’s Gift began in 1998, when Nashville businessman, Ron Miller, found himself unable to pull away from an NBC Dateline broadcast. On screen was Timothy Kane, a 14 year-old boy who had just been tried as an adult and given a life sentence, despite the courts agreeing he'd never touched a victim.


The boy’s spirit of humility and hope in the face of his circumstances, took ahold of Ron, and their lives became forever intertwined.

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I see you is one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to one another.”

John Starnes, Gospel Artist, Co-Founder